• Pain Relief Clinic

    Pain Relief Clinic

    Do you suffer from chronic or acute pain? Deeply held tensions needing relief?

    Founder, Nolus X Sunoon, and his highly trained, deeply gifted team look forward to speaking with you about a treatment plan designed specifically for you and your needs.

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  • Methods & Results

    Methods & Results

    With many talented massage therapists available; there are only few who take it to the next level, providing true therapeutic relief. Through Advanced Neuromuscular, Advanced Deep-Tissue, Myofascial (connective tissue) Release, Intuitive Tools and much more, XSHB can ease and eliminate common ailments such as TMJ, TOS, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica as well as unique and difficult pain issues.


The Xavier School for Healing Bodywork is a healing and learning center designed to eliminate pain and train in how to create pain free lives for others.

In our primary, 1000 hour intensive program, students delve into The Xavier Method, a study of progressive therapeutic Bodywork which goes far beyond relaxing massage; incorporating advanced Neuromuscular, Advanced Deep-Tissue, and Myofacial (connective tissue) Release.  We also offer continuing education to enhance current skills, understanding, and application, taking your practice to the next level.

XSHB, a proud partner of Thrive Integrated Health, has the privilege to provide a connection to a powerfully unique Community of like-minded, holistic health Professionals, Healers, Doctors, and Therapists.

If you are seeking a life changing education and fulfilling career path, one in which you benefit from an invaluable skill set that can transform the lives of others by releasing deeply held physical and emotional tensions….Welcome Home!