Academic Programs

Program A (state licensing program)

A 1000-hour Massage Therapy program, primarily focused on The Xavier Method The Xavier Method is advanced level bodywork incorporating advanced Neuromuscular, advanced Deep-tissue therapies, and Myofascial (connective tissue) release. Students are trained in these modalities as well as Swedish massage, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), shadow work, intuitive skills, qigong, tai chi and yoga.

Students complete training hours in the basic clinic, the advanced clinic, internship, and hours spent outside class both giving and receiving bodywork. This is in addition to regular classes and specified weekend courses.

Anatomy & Physiology 176 hours class time (44 -4 hour classes)
Bodywork 176 hours class time (44 -4 hour classes)
Basic Clinic 60 hours (15 – 4 hour shifts)
Advanced Clinic 20 hours (5 – 4 hour shifts)
Internship 52 hours (13 – 4 hour shifts)
Weekend Classes 96 hours (6 – 16 hours each)
Outside Giving Massage 310 hours
Outside Receiving Massage 110 hours
Total: 1000 hour certification program

Program B

A 24 hour 3 day intensive course for massage therapists already certified & licensed from any accredited school, custom designed to advance the skills they already have. The student will gain a deeper understanding of tissue & how to work with the body as well as learn where they can continue to grow. This course will teach how to work a deeper level of the body, harmonize with the tissue, to more effectively release the trigger points, muscle tension & myofascial imbalances that cause pain.

Program C

This is a 440-hour, Advanced Continuing Education program designed to take massage therapists, already certified with the required 500 hours, to the next level of therapeutic bodywork. Students will enhance their skills through the last ¾ of Program A, benefiting from the classroom knowledge and hands on application on how to provide pain relief in addition to a relaxing massage.